Everyone has a reason to be healthy, what is yours?

Everyone has a reason to be healthy, what’s yours?

Who we are

We are a fitness company on a mission to increase physical activity in modern society (get more bumps of their seats ? ). We believe that everyone should have a chance to live an active, healthy and happy lifestyle like nature has intended.


What we do

We promote living a life to its full potential via personalized coaching, ongoing education, practical strategies and special events on the topics of effective integration of fitness, nutrition, and mindset. We have a network of experienced health and fitness professionals working together to achieve a common goal.

How we do it

We coach people on the philosophy of an effective, functional movement by enhancing a pain-free full range of motion during each and every workout, along with emphasizing all round physical fitness. When working with our clients, there are 3 key elements that we focus on; a holistic approach to a good health, body composition, and improved physical performance.

All our coaching is provided in 1on1 setting, group format or via our online comprehensive coaching software called “VITFIT Coach”. When needed we combine our approach with effective recovery methods like Soft Tissue Release and Deep Tissue Massage to free up restrictions that can’t be simply addressed by exercise. Also, we put a strong emphasis on an optimal nutrient intake. We provide all our clients with an effective guidance on nutrition strategies in a simple to understand format, so they get to learn what are the best types of foods to eat, when is the best time to eat them and how to simply decide what is the right amount. This is complimented with a promotion of healthy habit forming education across areas of mindset, stress management, and balanced lifestyle.

We make sure all our clients understand the patterns of thoughts and habits that have been holding them back from the real change. This approach, along with our strong accountability systems makes sure the behavior change and the way they think, sets them up for long-term success. This comprehensive approach has proven that all our clients achieve satisfying, long- term results in the process and enjoy mo re active, healthy and happy lifestyle at its full potential!

Why we do it

As all industries around the world are striving to evolve, this continues to require less and less of physical labor and more people than ever are working in sedentary jobs. Combine that with increasing population growth and higher demand for getting things done quicker, this modern lifestyle at which we live in is just so fast paced and increasingly stressful, that, it is no surprise rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and an unhealthy lifestyle are continuing to rise globally.
This is why We, passionate, fit and healthy individuals are on this mission to battle the lack of physical activity in the modern society, with a vision to make stronger fitter and healthier communities for generations to come.

It’s all about taking ownership over how you feel and perform and doing something about it. It’s about improving your fitness, improving your well-being, improving your mindset, improving your energy levels, improving how you feel every day and then becoming a role model for others, so they can get inspired by you to do the same and everyone can enjoy living life to its full potential!

“We are on a mission to increase physical activity in modern society.”

“We are on a mission to increase physical activity in modern society.”