Semi-Private Personal Training

Personal Training at the fraction of the cost

With all the personal attention of one-on-one personal training but with the added fun of friendly competition. VITFIT Semi-Private Personal Training is a great way to get results whilst sharing the journey with other 2-3 friends, you know.

Find a workmate, friend, partner or a family member with similar fitness goals and inspire each other as you progress.

Semi-private personal training builds integrity, cohesion and sets accountability to not just your progress but the progress of rest of your mates as you workout together, under a professional guidance of one of our experienced personal trainers.



What’s included

  • 60 Mins Personal Training Sessions

  • Training program

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Gym access for the sessions

  • Coaching outside of sessions

  • Private group chat & tips


Frequently Asked Questions

Our programs are built on 4-6 weeks training blocks and always commence with an initial fitness and body composition assessment and progress photos. This is re-tested at the end of each training block to see what progress you’ve made.

Workouts are progressive in its intensity and/or training volume but scaled to your ability (our Personal Trainer will modify each exercise to your individual needs during each session).

You will be prescribed a certain amount of workouts a week where some you’ll do on your one or with your mates (e.g. on weekends) while other will be done as part of the guided PT Session.

You will get access to the program via our sophisticated training software accessible via mobile app or via desktop. This is how you access workouts, log completed workouts, track progress, communicate with the trainer, access nutrition guides and chat with everyone in the group and the trainer in a dedicated group chat.

You can start the program with very little fitness, it’s what we are here for. Our programs are designed around your training history, medical history and goals you’d like to achieve.
Yes for the Personal Training sessions and the gym access is organized by us at no extra cost* (subject to location).

You may need access to certain fitness equipment, for your other workouts so always ask us during the consultation process. Also, your trainer can always recommend ways to substitute in case you don’t have access to those.

If you can’t find anyone interested to start a group with you, we may be able to help. Talk to us about that as we may have available spots at one of the other groups.
Alternatively, you can always sign up for our Outdoor Bootcamp at a location that’s near you.
Minimum commitment is 6 weeks with a minimum of 2 training sessions per week.
If you miss a session you lose the session. Due to the nature of this program (you share the cost of a session with other people), we don’t provide the option of refunds.
Fees are charged via Direct Debit each fortnight. Minimum charge is 4 Personal Training sessions each fortnight (as per minimum commitment of 2 sessions per week).
You get charged a fixed fee set based on the group size you enroll in at the start.
For example, if you enrolled with 2 other friends to do the minimum 2 training sessions a week, each of you will be charged $160 / fortnight
($40 / session each).
Once you and your mates have completed pre-exercise screening questionnaire, had a group Skype chat with one of our trainers, confirmed your training times & training location with us, and paid up, the program is ready to start.

More friends that sign up with you, cheaper it gets
(up to 4 people max)

group of 2
per session each
group of 3
per session each
group of 4
per session each

*Minimum commitment is 2 sessions / week