Bodyweight training

Dave Stevanin

Hi, my name is David, but most people call me “Dave”. I’m a plant-based athlete, passionate about the study of life and wellbeing. For the last 13 years I’ve been practicing physical art of bodyweight conditioning and now I’d like to help you experience the benefits of this lifestyle.

I like to travel and learn new practices, that is why I’ve spent a fair bit of my time in Asia practicing martial arts, yoga, and meditation.

Bodyweight conditioning is a great way to condition both the mental and the physical aspects of being well.


  • Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness
  • Qualified Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer
  • Bodyweight Athlete Program
  • First Aid & CPR


  • Ability to teach people how to do Handstand and other funky bodyweight moves 🙂
  • I like to mix it up but overall it always comes down to calisthenics and movement based philosophy on training.

Being healthy is not just about “looking good in the mirror” there is so much more to that.

Eating healthy and keeping your training versatile and constantly being challenged in different modalities of physical conditioning is one of the best approaches to physical well-being.

Stay disciplined, avoid junk food, move your body often and focus on practicing simple tasks each and every day in order to develop new habits that will lead to successful change.


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